6 Summer Maternity Essentials

Jul 24th 2017

If you live anywhere in South Florida (or almost anywhere in the USA) during this time of year, you are probably experiencing this brutally, hot American summer! Relentless humidity, energy draining heat and record-breaking temperatures have us desperate for some cooling relief.

Being pregnant or having just given birth under the scorching sun may offer benefits such as; having an excuse to send your partner r family to run your errands while sitting by the pool or inside with the A/C blasting. There are also some little things you can add to your "cool-down arsenal" to help make this season a bit more bearable.

These 6 Summer Maternity Essentials will help Big-Time!

Run out and get them right NOW (or if you're lucky, send your partner out to grab them). After all this should be the time for you to lounge by the pool, legs up and RELAX, you sexy Mamma you!

1. Victoria's Secret - Raw Cut Panties

These hot days of summer, along with your ever growing body demand comfortable, breathable underwear.

Victoria's Secret Raw Cut Panties are the answer. They are super smooth, seamless and totally elastic-free with laser-cut edges. They are perfect because they are sweat-proof and completely invisible under your cute new fitted maternity dress! Say goodbye to unsightly underwear lines. *Suggestion - Go up a size or two. This way they will sit comfortably under your belly and be your new BFFs!


2. Boca Baby Company - Linen Ring Sling

Your baby is almost here... there are so many places you want to show the world how cute your baby bubba is!

The baby-wearing craze has had a new revival over the last few years, with each year growing in popularity. There is wisdom in the ancient method of transporting babies. It's now mainstream again! Keeping your baby close helps you bond, allowing your baby to feel secure and you will be hands-free... AMAZING!!!

What better way to carry your baby to the beach or in the store without the need to always assemble the stroller or have your arms occupied. Many baby carriers on the market look like chunky, uncomfortable backpacks and they can be hot in the summer.

Boca Baby Company answers this problem by going to the source. They adapt original Babywearing methods and create handmade, breathable linen Ring Slings. Each handcrafted Ring Sling is customized to fit your body and is available in over 60 colors. We also make sling that can use used in the pool!

* Top quality linen is naturally antibacterial fabric. It is chic, fashionable and cool in the summer. Simple to clean in the washer & dryer, HELLO easy!!!!


3. Aluminum Water Bottle

As if you don't hear it enough... when you are pregnant doctors, moms, books, even strangers tell you constantly that you need to drink water! It is IMPORTANT though, especially during the summer months - okay WE GET IT ALREAD

Aluminum water bottles have the added benefit of avoiding harmful toxic chemicals found in plastic water bottles as well as keeping your drink cool all day (great if you forget it in the sweltering hot car).

Aside from the obvious benefit of flushing your system, preventing UTI's and avoiding dehydration drinking water can aide in alleviating nausea and heartburn too. How much water do you have to drink? 10 cups are recommended. The easiest way to ensure your body is getting enough water is to check you pee pee!

GOOD = Clear/light yellow

BAD = Neon yellow

By checking the color of your urine, you will know if you're getting enough water. Some days (especially after working out, you will need to drink much more water.


4. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Sandals

Throw out all your old flip flops, buy these and then write us a Thank You letter!

You can't find a more comfortable and awesome looking sandal than the Sanuk Yoga Sling 2. It's made from a real yoga mat! Preggo feet love these sandals as they are made from a stretchy fabric which won't cause blisters or pain between the toes. The sole is so cushy, you might even start doing yoga right where you stand.


5. Maive & Bo Dress

Lucky USA! Maive & Bo - an Australian maternity company, has landed in the USA! Their dresses are UBER comfortable, sexy, extremely well made and amazingly priced. Dresses are perfect for work, play and running errands. The fabric is like BUTTER - soft, supple and the styles flatter all shapes & bumps!


6. Coconut Oil

Summer + pregnancy = dry skin & stretch marks. Did you know there are no proven ways to stop you from getting stretch marks? I'm sorry to tell you, but they are hereditary (Thank You mom or aunts for that one). The good news however is that by moisturizing your skin, you can help it as it stretches, which may help prevent stretch marks and will help improve elasticity for its new growing resident.

Don't be sold on expensive creams, claiming the world. Get smart girl! Advice I got from mother extraordinaire (blogger, fashion icon and brand rep @estherandsasha on IG) was to forgo the hype around expensive creams & oils... use only coconut oil. She swore it was the best thing she ever did for her pregnant skin (all 4 babies). I have to say, my skin is glowing and so soft. The crazy itching everyone talks about as your skin grows, I haven't experienced yet and I bet it's due to my use of coconut oil.