Quilted Diaper Clutch

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Diaper Clutch
Boca Baby Company Quilted Carry-All Clutch is the ultimate accessory for any diaper bag. Black on one side and white on the other. Leave it in the car filled with essentials or in your diaper bag. Perfect for travel and quick trips to the change room! Roomy enough to hold a lot of diapers, wipes case, creams, rattle, pacifier, etc. 
These diaper clutches aren't only for babies! Other uses include: snack/lunch bag for preschool, makeup bag for mom, travel bag for the road, small toy bag for the car, etc.

Item Details:
Handmade in the USA
13" x 8.5"  Large
10" x 6" Medium
Double sided, durable 100% vinyl
100% cotton striped lining
Durable YKK zipper
Matching wrist strap
Key/pacifier holder attached to the inside of the clutch for easy access