Bag Organizer Set -Small

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Rachel Ostroy x Boca Baby Company

Introducing the summer essential - designed in collaboration with fashion influencer and owner of  the wildly famous Pink Label clothing boutique in Brooklyn, NY.

Beach Bag organizers come in a set of two or more. 

* Each bag is handmade to your specific customization requests.
* Two PVC mold resistant pockets.
* Front flap made from the highest quality vinyl and vegan leather.
* Front pocket to hold wet swimsuit, sunscreen or snacks - keeping them safe and mess free!
* "Secret" PVC pocket in the back to keep phone. hotel key, credit card, money, car keys safe and dry.
* Choose from 100's of color options.
* Comes in a set of 2 bags, 3 or 4 bags with your choice of the embroidered applique words "Swim, Sun, Snacks or Stuff".
* Each bag measures 8 1/4" wide x 5" tall.
* PVC pocket corners secured with strong rust resistant metal studs insuring the longevity of your bag (don't be gentle with these guys - they are designed to take a beating!).