COMING SOON - PURE Colostrum + Immunity Boost

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Ingredients: 100% USA Grass-fed Bovine Colostrum + Lactoferrin
Zero Emulsifiers. Zero Sunflower Lecithin. Gluten Free. Keto approved. GMO Free. Gluten Free
KO Kosher (dairy) certified


20 servings

How to Use:

1 Teaspoon per day  in cool water/smoothie/plain. (may increase up to 2 teaspoons for added benefit.)

PURE by Boca Baby Co™.  Colostrum + Immunity Boost:

Boca Baby Co™ introduce the purest, most natural, and top-tier bovine Colostrum superfood supplement, conveniently available in a dissolvable powder format.

Colostrum, often referred to as "liquid gold," is the superfood generated by all mammals during the initial 48-72 hours post-birth, packed with vital nutrients essential for our well-being.

Our Pure Colostrum is ethically harvested solely from grass-fed cows. It is collected after baby calves have received their required nourishment, ensuring that no resources go to waste.

This secret source of youth has been used for centuries in eastern cultures and medicine and is only recently gaining popularity due to its many health & beauty benefits.


What is it?

Pure Colostrum + Immunity Boost, is an exclusive blend of 100% Pure Natural Lactoferrin & Colostrum. Lactoferrin, otherwise know as "the source of health," is a Pure Protein Isolate derived from Bovine Dairy Whey, also found in Colostrum.


What's the difference between "Pure Colostrum" and "Pure Colostrum + Immunity Boost"?

Pure Colostrum supports the immune system with naturally occurring "Lactoferrin." With our "Immunity Boost," an added dose of Lactoferrin is extracted and then added to the Colostrum to create the highest quality super supplement that is beyond compare.

Due to the costly nature of extracting lactoferrin,  "Immunity Boost" is slightly higher in cost than Pure Colostrum.


What is the benefit of added "Lactoferrin"?

The result is a super supplement that is proven to aid in total immunity health. In Australia, this specific blend is recommended by doctors for many conditions in both children and adults. Lactoferrin contains Iron Binding Proteins and Growth Factors and has countless studies demonstrating its efficacy in building and protecting the immune system from viruses and bacteria.


What are the ingredients?

Pure Colostrum & Pure Lactoferrin.
Both Ingredients are derived from Pasture Fed Cows and are ethically sourced.

Our product contains no Additives & Fillers. It is free from Gluten, Yeast, Pesticides, Artificial Hormones, Antibiotics, Coloring, Flavoring & Preservatives.


When will it be available for purchase?

Only our reviewers will be able to sample and purchase this product directly from us. As this blend is an animal derived product, we are in the paperwork process to ensure compliance with all USA health food standards. This product will not be available in the USA for purchase until the end of 2024/beginning of 2025 – only our original product reviewers may be able purchase it directly from us before it comes to market.


Will it dissolve just like Pure Colostrum?

This product takes longer to dissolve in water than Pure Colostrum due to the high quality of the additional Lactoferrin. 



No Additives or Fillers, free from Gluten, Yeast, Pesticides, Artificial Hormones, Antibiotics, Coloring, Flavoring & Preservatives.


Studied and Observed Benefits:

  • Assists in increasing milk production for nursing mothers
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Gut health improvement (including for those with IBS)
  • Reduction of bloating
  • Improved focus, mood, and energy
  • Supported hair growth (alopecia & postpartum loss)
  • Enhanced skin regeneration and appearance
  • Enhanced athletic recovery & performance
  • Aid in all stages of women's reproductive health (including trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum & nursing) by restoring vitamins, minerals, enzymes & proteins
  • Contribute to optimal iron absorption
  • Safe for children over 2 (ask your doctor before giving to children)